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For paddlers who want the most speed to travel the most miles or for the best aerobic workout, here are a few SUPs and kayaks that I think you might enjoy paddling.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) SOLSTICE GTS – 17’7” long, 22” wide, good initial and secondary stability. Very comfortable with molded in thigh braces. Straight tracking. Rudder. A beautiful boat; one of our most popular kayaks.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) NOMAD GTS – It is like a souped-up Solstice: long, lean and mean. 18’10” long, 21 wide. An excellent long distance (or day tripping) kayak that eats up the miles. 48 lbs. In Kevlar, 54 lbs. in fiberglass. Rudder.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) 17’ SPIRIT II Canoe from Wenonah in Kevlar weighs 42 lbs and measures 35” wide. Bucket seats and bow slider are standard. The Spirit II will carry 2 paddlers and a month’s worth of food and supplies.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) CARIBOU “S” is a modified Greenland design with a narrow, hard chine hull. She measures 17’8” long, 21 ” wide and weighs 50 lbs in glass, 45 in Kevlar. A Beautiful kayak. A retractable skeg is standard.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) PUNGO 140 Kayak from Wilderness Systems. The Pungo is a very nice paddling rotomolded Kayak. The 140 comes with 2 hatches and 2 bulkheads and a super comfortable seat. An angler model is available also.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) SLICE SUP from Jimmy Lewis - 12'6” long, 30” wide. The Slice is fast and stable enough for most paddlers. It paddles well in chop and waves. A single fin is standard.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) M-14 - An SUP that goes far and fast in flat water or rough water conditions. Catches open ocean swells. One of my favorite stand up paddleboards.

ballgrncr.gif (130 bytes) A few more fast watercraft: 18' Greenlander Kayak, 12'6" Stealth SUP, Necky Elaho Kayak, Boardworks M&M 14' SUP, 19' Seda Glider Sea Kayak, Joe Bark 12'6" Competitor and 14' Dominator SUPs, 12'6" Blade II, Mission (my favorite) SUP, 12'6"X29" wide and some outrigger canoes at unbelievably low prices.


I prefer a short paddle with a big blade for better acceleration and more power. 205cm to 220cm seem to work best on narrow, fast kayaks. A good quality fiberglass or carbon paddle from Werner Paddles works well and they are lightweight. Epic Wing Paddles are also great for touring as well as racing.

For stand up paddling, touring and racing, the recommended length of the paddle is 10" above your height. For surfing and river running: 8" above your height.
We have paddles from Quickblade, Gillespie, Werner, Lakeshore and Surftech.
My favorite paddles are: for kayaking - Werner Corryvrecken or Ikelos. For SUPing: Spanker, Advantage, GrandPrix, carbon Quickblade. For canoeing: carbon Compulsion.

Get set to get wet to get fit and have fun!


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